The Savior, Juan de Juanes

The Greening of St. Clement

No. This isnít some sort of eco-programme. Weíre talking about the return of Ordinary Time. The last of the major feasts has come and gone and now green is definitely the liturgical colour for Sundays and weekdays. During this season we spend quiet time in company with Jesus and try to deepen our relationship with him.

Summer at St. Clement

During the months of July and August things are quiet in St. Clement Parish. The schools are closed, most parish groups take time off and many families are away on vacation. Itís a time of rest and reflection for all of us. Itís also planning time for the parish staff. We used these precious weeks to prepare programmes and schedules for the coming school year.

Webpage on Summer Hold

The flood of parish news subsides to a mere trickle during the months of July and August. Our webmaster will take a well earned break from her duties. Mass and Lamp intentions will be updated weekly for your convenience. See the side-bar for other scheduled activities.

No Vacation from Mass

The Sunday Eucharist is the source and summit of our lives. Catholics find time for Sunday Mass no matter where they are and what they may be doing. For Mass times in cottage country check the Archdiocese of Toronto website at

Summer Church Support

The financial needs of St. Clement Parish never take a vacation. We need your support on a regular, week by week basis. Please leave your weekly offering with us when you go on vacation or place them in the offering basket when you return. You may wish to consider signing up for Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG). Call the office for more information.

Summer at the Adoration Chapel

The St. Clement Adoration Chapel is open 24/7. We encourage you to drop in for a visit at any time. Spend a few minutes of your leisure time in company with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. For a permanent chapel hour of adoration call the parish office at (416) 621- 4060.

Remember the bow

Remember to bow in adoration before receiving Holy Communion. Give Jesus glory and praise!