Christ the King, Hubert van Eyck

Feast of Christ the King

The Feast of Christ the King brings us to the end of the Churchís Liturgical Year. On this day we are invited to renew our commitment to Jesus, our King and our Lord. We are challenged to submit our lives to his rule. Called to live every moment of every day according to his mind and heart. To live for Jesus is to live for the Father. To live for the Father is to embrace the gift of eternal life.

Good Week for Confession

During this final week of the Churchís Liturgical Year we are encouraged to look within. How well have we lived our Christian commitment over the past year? Have we come to know Jesus in a more deeply personal way? What difference has that made in our lives? This is a good time to identify the sins that hamper our freedom in Christ, a good time to make a good Confession. Mercy is the gift of our King!

Advent Wreath

Advent Preparations

Prepare your family and your home for Advent. Dust of the Advent Wreath and give it a place of prominence. All you need is a circle of green and four candles (three purple & one pink). Light the wreath at meal time or during family prayer. These candles light our way to Christmas, the celebration of our Saviourís birth.