Pentecost, El Greco

Come Holy Spirit

On Pentecost Sunday the Holy Spirit descended upon Mary and the Apostles in wind and fire. His living presence gave them the courage to go out and boldly proclaim the Good News. On this day we remember that we too have been sent out in the Spirit. We are sent out to preach salvation in Jesus to any and all we meet. This is the vocation of every baptized and confirmed Christian.

The end has come

Pentecost Sunday brings to a close the 50 day Easter Season. The Easter Candle will move from its place beside the pulpit to it’s normal spot beside the baptismal font. It is lighted at every celebration of Baptism and at Funeral Masses. We mark the end of the Easter Season by dismissing the congregation with a double Alleluia. The vestment colour is red to reflect the fire of the Spirit.

What's a Tabernacle?

The word “Tabernacle” means “the place where God dwells”. Within the solid bronze tabernacle of our church we reserve the living presence of Jesus, in the mystery of the Eucharist. He is our Bread of Life. Out of reverence for his presence among us, we surround the tabernacle with burning lights. In deference, we bend the knee before him (genuflect) each time we enter or leave the church or pass before him.

Ordinary Time arrives

Pentecost Sunday brings the Easter Season to a close and begins the Liturgical Season we call Ordinary Time. The colour of Ordinary Time is green but you won’t see it on the weekend for a couple of Sunday. Trinity Sunday and the Feast of Corpus Christi take precedence and are celebrated in white or gold.

New Mass Settings

When the new Roman Missal was introduced we learned two new settings for the Order of Mass. It’s time now to add to that repertoire. Our new gather hymnals give us many options and we will be introducing some new Mass parts over the next few weeks. Be patient and enjoy!